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(Topic created on: 23-04-2021 08:56 AM)
Hello Samsung Community. I just want to ask help regarding your experiences about refund.
I have been waiting for my refund for weeks now. 

I have purchased a Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra and Galaxy buds pro but I had to cancel those. I received the galaxy buds pro first around last week of March while the S21 ultra was supposed to be delivered on the 12th of April. I canceled the order on April 1 and was able to return the buds pro on April 6. I received the refund for the buds pro just within 2 days. I rang samsung to follow-up my refund for the S21 ultra and samsung care plus. They said I had to wait for their logistics to return the unit to their warehouse. So I waited until the 12th. April 12th came and I rang them. They confirmed that the unit was completely cancelled and wait for the unit to be back in the warehouse within 24-48 hours.

I rang them again after 48 hours and they confirmed that the unit is in their warehouse. They said I should receive my refund within 3-5 days. And I did not receive any refund or any updates. So I rang them again. They said they will make a ticket to escalate my concern and wait for their email within 24-48 hours AGAIN! I rang them again after 48 hours as I did not receive any email or any update! The agent told me that he is going to escalate it again by making another email and label it again as urgent and wait again for another 24-48 hours!!! My problem is I am only on consumable minutes and I can't afford to call them everytime...

Does anyone have any experience as mine and found a solution?

Any response would be really much appreciated. 
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Hi @JohnTimothyBautista 


I had a similar situation where I returned the Samsung Note 20 5G phone and the free Samsung Buds Live that cane as I pre ordered the phone,  along with a leather case I bought at the same time from the Samsung UK Online.

Samsung UK sent a courier of their choice for the parcel.

I took time and date photo's of the parcel and contents.

Not long after I received a refund of £0.00 for the Buds Live,  but not for the phone or leather case.

It transpired that they couldn't find the leather case so wasn't refunding the phone as they were investigating the apparent loss of the leather case.

i.e holding back over £1,200.00 for the phone over a £35.00 leather case !

After lots of emails and telephone conversations I ended up emailing the CEO of Samsung to push for the refund of the phone and ask them to carry on their investigation of the case.

Samsung ended up refunding everything after I contacted the CEO via their email page.

Something I shouldn't have had to do  😞

I was nearly at the stage of contacting my Banks Customer Services to see if they could refund me the money, and them chase Samsung under their terms of usage of my card. i.e Chargeback etc.

So it's up to you how you proceed with this and I hope my experience of how I resolved my issue helps guide you @JohnTimothyBautista 

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Thanks. Do you still have the email address of their ceo?
Found his email address brother. I will email the CEO now. Thank you so much for this. Will update you if this solves my problem.
Do not buy samsung phones as in my experience. They do not care about their customer. After thay get the money from us.