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Phone Refund Not Received and Awful Customer Service!

(Topic created on: 09-03-2021 11:12 PM)
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Galaxy S21 Series

Guys I need assistance, i have tried contact SAMSUNG multiple times and they keep telling me someone will contact me back BUT no one has.

I have contacted Samsung numerous times regarding the below and I am not getting anywhere!


On the 19th Feb I placed an order for the below items 

  1. 1X Galaxy S21+ 5G Silicone cover
  2. 1X Galaxy Watch3 Titanium (45mm)
  3. 1X Galaxy Watch3 Ridge Sport Band (20mm, S/M)
  4. 1X Galaxy S21+ 5G
  5. 1X Wireless Charger Trio

Again on the 19th Feb in the evening I i placed an order for the below items (as i was unsure whetere to go for the larger phone or the normal)

  1. 1X Galaxy S21 5G
  2. 1X Galaxy S21 5G Silicone cover


I than raised a request to return the below items:

  1. 1X Galaxy S21+ 5G Silicone cover
  2. 1X Galaxy Watch3 Ridge Sport Band (20mm, S/M)
  3. 1X Galaxy S21+ 5G


DPD Came on the 20th Feb and collected the items and gave me the Tracking Ref.

And also received email with my collection ref.

Its been 15+ days and I have not received my full refund back of the 3 items that i returned. 

  1. 1X Galaxy S21+ 5G Silicone cover (Refund received)
  2. 1X Galaxy Watch3 Ridge Sport Band (20mm, S/M) (Refund received)
  3. 1X Galaxy S21+ 5G (Refund NOT received)

Can someone  please assist i have multiple email, live chats but this is getting ridicules. 

I have moved away from my previous phone supplier and come to Samsung, but the experience is awful, nothing is straight forward, and despite spending nearly £2,000 you have no value.


Thank you

Galaxy S21 Series
I would also discuss this with your bank as they may be able to reverse the charge, or contact Samsung for you and chase it up.
Galaxy S21 Series
my friend had similar issues getting hold of the right people when samsung said they hadn't received a trade in...hope u get it sorted
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Galaxy S21 Series
I had issues trying to get to right ppl with Samsung and mine is only for a subscription refund 🙃, I hope you have got your refund as its so annoying going round in circles drive you mad.
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Galaxy S21 Series

I think with all organisations there will be a delay whilst the quality control of the returns is checked.  Of course for an item that has been unopened, or is not a functional device such as a strap or a case can be refunded quickly.  I would assume the phone must be checked through an extensive test and inspection to ensure it is in the same state it was supplied.  


Of course if you used the phone (even opened the box and powered it), then it would be classed as second hand.  Even with a 14 day consumer rights policy, I would assume the Samsung team have to check this hardware, ensure there is no damage, before they can accept it as a return. 


You will need to just be patient whilst they do this.   However I do understand your frustrations in any delay before refund is issued.  

I hope it is resolved for your soon enough. 

Kind Regards


Samsung One UI 3.1 / Android 11.

Samsung Watch 3 45mm SM-R840 in Black
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Galaxy S21 Series
the phone was returned without opening, and the sealed box
Galaxy S21 Series
I returned an S21 Ultra 512GB for refund and from the day I called, a Tuesday, the phone was collected on Thursday and I was refunded by the Monday after. The phone was used (albeit for 6 days) but the service was handled very quickly. The only issue was that I emailed them from day 1 my intention to return in which they never got back to me, hence my call on the Tuesday.