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Phone is showing just the transfer date of recently transferred photos in apps

(Topic created on: 14-09-2021 05:39 PM)

So I have recently changed phones from Xiaomi to Samsung S21 and transferred all the photos etc, in the Samsung gallery after deleting all the old WhatsApp photos all the photos seem to have the right date and are in the correct order. 

Unfortunately when trying to post to apps such as Facebook and Instagram all my photos and videos say the 9th Sept (date I did the transfer), is there any way I can change this?

It's becoming very difficult for me, I could cope if they all had the same date but were in order but they are all jumbled up photos and videos of the past few years. I'm often posting or messaging photos to people of past makes for my small business but at the moment it's just impossible to be able to find what I'm looking for without it taking forever which is something I just can't afford to do. 

Is there anything anyone can think of that can find a solution to this problem?


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I had the same issue but I kinda found a solution.

It is a little stupid but it showed all media in apps in chronological order. The date of the media displayed on the apps is shown as eg today.

All I did is deleted all my photos and videos from Samsung Gallery and restore them again and it fixed.

Before trying this for your own good MAKE A BACKUP.


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Hi there, I have been facing the same issue. While my OneDrive and Samsung Gallery app shows the media files in a correct order, the other apps show "modified date". I tried to delete all photos and videos in Samsung Gallery, and restore them (also from Samsung Gallery), and do not see any difference. How did you "restore" the file after deleting them? Thank you!

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So why is it that when I went from an iphone to a basic android phone to another android phone to a Xaomi phone, all my photos were transferred just fine with correct dates etc but when I change to a Samsung A33 i lose all that date information and my pictures are all jumbled with the transfer date as their creation date.  so the small backyard phone companies can do it, but  Samsung, one of the biggest phone companies in the world cannot do it.  Not only that, but they pretend it is not a problem, and provide no work around.