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No Seamless Updates for S21 series

(Topic created on: 26-01-2021 04:21 PM)
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Despite Google mandating that all phones launched on Android 11 must support the A/B partition for Seamless Updating, the Galaxy S21 series of devices will not be featuring this, IMHO, useful feature. See...

In a nutshell, Seamless Updates allowed the latest firmware update to be downloaded in a separate partition whilst the user carried on until the phone was ready to update by rebooting using the new firmware's partition instead of the previous partition. It makes updating very clean, simple and easy. OnePlus for instance, have been using it for a number of years.

Google threatened last year that new Android 11 phones, onwards, that did not support A/B partitioning could not be updated in future.

However, Google has back pedalled on this demand and the Galaxy S21 series of phones will continue to feature the usual system update.

For more information on Seamless UpdatesProject Treble and A/B partitions, see the explanation from xda developers...

Also, a simplified explanation from Computerworld...

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@ironass  Indeed, somewhat disappointing.   The storage required  may play a role in the  delay this far as some aticles mention. 

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