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My opinion on s21 ultra

(Topic created on: 27-10-2021 08:08 PM)
Galaxy S21 Series
Hi guys

Just thought I'd give my long term opinion on my s21 ultra.
So I have to say I have a unhealthy obsession (addiction) with phones 😅.
So as we are coming to the end of the year I have to say the s21 ultra is still number 1 in my opinion.
Since getting my ultra in late January,I have also bought pixel 5,mi 11 LTE,Poco f3 and iPhone 13 pro.
This phone is easily top of the pile out of those phones.
Even with the pixel 6 pro coming out it's still abit of a poor man s21 ultra I feel.
The reason I think it's the phone of the year is because overall it's just a great phone with no real pitfalls like other phones have.
I am no Samsung fanboy I just love great phones and this phone really is that.
Since owning my ultra it's been a dream to use:
Performance - this has been fantastic and handles everything with ease.
Battery - easily all-day battery so what more do you need.
Display - arguably still the best display of any smartphone.
Design - I'm still lovely this with the camera bump and slightly curved screen.
Build quality - my phone still looks like it did out of the box(although I do treat my phones like the love of my life 😅).

Anyway these are just my thoughts,and I'm now rocking on the beta program and have to say I'm enjoying what they've done so far 😁.
Galaxy S21 Series
Exynos and it's been brilliant to be fair,also from what I've seen there really isn't a great deal of difference between the two in real world use.
I would say give it about a week to learn your usage pattern and also make sure you do a partition cache wipe after every update.
Hope this helps you 🙂
Galaxy S21 Series
Thanks ,I'll take note of this , it's still learning the usage patterns ,turned off wqhd and adaptive refresh rate and its not going down as much but kinda wanna use them features as that's why I upgraded so I'm really hoping it settles down.
Thanks for the response.
Galaxy S21 Series
I have wqhd and adaptive refresh both on all the time,I would probably leave them on so your phone can learn your real usage pattern, rather than turn them off and back on again after.
I would try these steps first to see if they help:
1) turn on dark mode
2) partition cache wipe
3) turn off nearby scanning
4) turn off printer scanning
5) put apps you don't use often in deep sleep
6) change mobile network to LTE/3G/2G from 5G

There are other tricks to use to get better battery (just can't think of them atm 😅)