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Landscape Camera Cut Out

(Topic created on: 04-02-2022 02:19 PM)
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For some reason I've noticed whenever I turn my S21 FE in landscape mode (for example, watching a video) the phone will create an artificial 'top screen', which includes the camera cut out as well as a bevel where the edge of the phone would be. It's hard to describe, and impossible to screenshot because the phone doesn't even register it as existing but it does exist and is very annoying as it obscures some of the video I'm watching. No idea how to fix this, I've tried looking for other people with a similar problem and I couldn't find anything cohesive. Already tried developer options > turn off punch cut out, but it's already set to default. Essentially, the phone is trying to be in portrait mode when in landscape mode. 

Edit: thought I should mention, the black dot and black bevel outline both disappear once the phone is back in portrait mode