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Keep the faith with S21 video quality!..

(Topic created on: 03-04-2021 01:47 PM)
As we all know guys the latest 1.1Gb (model dependant) camera software update was not the low light video quality fix many of us were hoping for. It was all about extending portrait mode and improving a few white balance issues in the camera. I have heard from a good source at Samsung that the video problem is recognized and is scheduled to be addressed sometime in April or May at latest as it has to be sorted as it will affect sales if it isn't PLUS there is a strong rumor that Directors View video mode will be extended to 4K 60fps with Android 12 which will be the perfect sorry about the video problems gift from Samsung when it comes. This story has been on the Community forum before and I thought now would be the best time for it to resurface to give all we disappointed S21 videographers a bit of a lift following another little disappointment perhaps. Keep the faith everyone!.. 👍👍
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Samsung really needs to finese the software aspects of its Awesome hardware.
May be steal some google software codes from its Pixel camera systems.
And give us choice to use which camera we want to use ( 10x and 3x)
I would also love a 10x on portrait, hope they add it on the portrait like the 3x.
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Agreed, being able to force which lens is used would be much better perhaps a toggle switch to have what we have currently and a manual control.