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Journey from your first phone to the S21 Ultra

(Topic created on: 23/04/21 23:41)
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Galaxy S21 Series
Here is mine in no particular  order 
Crazy list of Nokia Feature Phones

HTC G2 - Android 

HTC HD7 - Windows 

Lumia 900 - windows

Lumia 920 - Windows

Lumia 950 - Windows

Lumia 1020 - windows

Galaxy S 2 - Android
Galaxy S 6 + - Android

Nexus 5 - Android

Galaxy s7 edge - Android 

Galaxy s9 plus - Android

Pixel 4 XL - Android 

Galaxy S 21 Ultra - Android 

Yeah I had a thing for Windows , bad Microsoft.

Galaxy S21 Series
Hmm let's see, from first smart phone,

Orange SPV E100 - Windows

O2 XDA IIi - Windows Pocket PC

Samsung SGH-I300 - Windows (first phone with micro hdd! 😅)

Samsung Omnia I900 - Windows

Samsung Galaxy S - Android

HTC Sensation XE - Android

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 - Android

Sony Xperia Z Ultra - Android (yes Sony were "Ultra" before Samsung 😜)

HTC One M7 - Android

Honor Note 8 - Android

Samsung Galaxy S8+ - Android

Huawei Mate 20 Pro - Android

Huawei P30 Pro - Android

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G - Android

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra - Android

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra - Android

Have quite a few other miscellaneous budget Android phones too, honor and Huawei, Leagoo, Doogee, Bluboo etc, too numerous to mention.

Prior to smartphones I've only owned 3 mobiles, Nokia 3310, Phillips and Motorola (can't remember the models).
Galaxy S21 Series
1st phone to S21 Ultra

Nokia 5146

Nokia 3330

Nokia 3210

Nokia 5310

Nokia 3200

Nokia N70 - Symbian S60

Nokia N90 - Symbian S60

Samsung D500

Samsung Europa - Android

Samsung Galaxy Ace - Android

Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 -Android

Samsung Galaxy S3 - Android

Samsung Galaxy S5 - Android

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge - Android

Samsung Galaxy S9 - Android

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 - Android

Samsung Galaxy S21 ultra - Android
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Galaxy S21 Series
Hi, mine starts with.

Phillips Cellnet

Nokia 3310

Samsung SMH A110 flip

Nokia 8210

Nokia 8110

Motorola V50

Nokia 5110

T28 ericsson - Flip

HTC Desire A8181

Samsung Toco F480

HTC - Windows

Samsung S3

Samsung S4

Samsung S6

Samsung S7

Samsung S8

Oneplus 3

Oneplus 3T

Oneplus 5T

Oneplus 6T

Oneplus 8T

Samsung S9

Samsung S10

Samsung 21 ultra
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Galaxy S21 Series
My memory is terrible,this is the best I can remember,also the pixel 5 I got after the s21 ultra but the ultra is king 😁

Some android phone

Some other android phone

Some windows phone 🤔🤷

iPhone 4s or 5s(can't remember which)

Samsung s8

Huawei mate 20 pro

Huawei p30 pro

OnePlus 7 pro

Samsung note 10

OnePlus 8t

Google pixel 5

S21 ultra
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Galaxy S21 Series
Also love this thread @GoanGeek 👍,so intrigued as to what phones people have owned.
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Galaxy S21 Series
It's crazy some people have almost all of the galaxy phone series.
I used to be a Nokia fan , Loves the Windows Phones but nobody doe Android better than Samsung ( besides the app duplication).
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Galaxy S21 Series
Ah yeah I had one of the Lumia phones(can't remember which one). remember it cost me £189 or £289 and the next day after I bought it I dropped it in the mop bucket at work.
I was almost crying 😅.
Galaxy S21 Series
See how good my memory is.

First phone some BT cellnet (brick)

Samsung A300

Sony ericsson not sure what one.

Samsung G600

A Sony just can't remember what one.

Galaxy s3

IPhone 5

IPhone 6s

Galaxy s10+

Galaxy note 10+

Galaxy note 20 ultra

Galaxy s21 ultra