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Green light showing microphone is being accessed not showing in permissions

(Topic created on: 25-12-2021 06:14 PM)
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Galaxy S21 Series
I've noticed now and aging my S21 jumping out of the black off mode, to the lock screen. It makes a bleep but no incoming texts or notifications. Today the phone happend to be on my thigh when it happened.

I picked up the phone and saw the little green light showing the microphone was being accessed was on.

I've only allowed certain apps to access the mic and they are all supposed to ask first, when I checked the permission manager it was showing that no app had accessed the microphone. But this isn't correct because I saw the little green light.

The most obvious candidate is the Google G app, not chrome or the search engine, I think it's something to do with the Google assistant.
I've blocked that app from accessing the mic now and hope that's the end of it.

Any advice or similar experiences would be appreciated.

As an aside that app has also been accessing my contacts and call logs and I have no idea what the reason for that could be other than data collecting on googles part, any ideas about this too?
Galaxy S21 Series
Very likely a "Hey Google" or Bixby false activation. I get them once in a while (mainly Bixby).

My advice comes from being a UK Samsung phone user.

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