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Galaxy s21 Ultra Video Quality

(Topic created on: 14-09-2021 09:30 AM)
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Galaxy S21 Series

Hi Everyone I was wondering if anyone else is having the same issues as me, I have the S21 Ultra Exynos Model UK

With software number  G998BXXU3AUHB / G998BOXM3AUHB / G998BXXU3AUHB

Security Patch August 1st Size 971.76Mb


Now i cannot tell if this update or one prior to this has caused problems but my video quality is absolutely shocking, ive tried both front and rear cameras including ultrawide at all full hd 30 and 60 frames and also 4k in 30 and 60 even the 8k on the rear, I'm a vlogger so use this camera for this sort of things on YouTube and the video quality is terrible its all grainy broken pixilation and everything and the sound is equally as bad.

I don't know what's happened to it but does anyone else have this issue as a Samsung repair or exchange will take weeks and I need to use the product daily! 

Ive done hard resets of both camera and full phone reset and the issue still happens.


Galaxy S21 Series

@volox24 so sorry to hear that you have to go over this. As the issue persists even after a Factory Reset, I would recommend reporting this to our developers by sending them an Error Report. To do this you will need to reproduce the issue and within 15 minutes launch the Samsung Members app on your phone> Get help> Error report> Camera> Add a brief description of the issue and attach examples of the issue so our developers can have a closer look at this and fix the issue if needed.