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Galaxy S21 FE - UI 5.0 - unlocking issues

(Topic created on: 28-11-2022 07:03 AM)
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Galaxy S21 Series

Some days ago my phone got an update to UI 5.0.
Everything works fine, except unlocking with fingerprint sensor.
I have found out that the issue appears if the phone is locked for a while and then a notification comes. This is the reason why this problem especially is annoying while using Android Auto. AA creates a notification when it connects ... after a time the phone locks. In this case the phone can be unlocked with a fingerprint until the side button is pressed (or a double tap on the screen wake up the screen). I'm sure this is a bug that didn't exist before the upgrade to Android 13.
I made a "wipe cache", but it didn't helps. Any idea what can be wrong?