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Don't buy Samsung products

(Topic created on: 01-06-2023 02:49 PM)

Hello Community,

I purchased a galaxy s21 ultra from the Netherlands. I reside in Belgium. I dropped my phone from 30 cm high and the screen cracked over the fingerprint sensor. The advertisement says it has gorilla glass, and it shouldn't crack at that height theoretically. I was sad, but at least the fingerprint sensor was working, so it didn't bother me, and I continued using it. 3 months later, the fingerprint sensor stopped working. I purchased a brand new A14 as a temporary phone because it was convenient for me to switch back after returning back to the original phone.

I realized that one side of the crack shown in the photo below, is higher than the other side. you can see from the reflection.

photo_1.jpg The other side of the crack is leveled, as shown in photo 2 below:



That means during the manufacturing of this phone, there was a stress point at that glass. That means even in the factory it was a ticking bomb. I know the glass's fingerprint placement part is thinner than the rest of the glass, which creates a weak point in the glass. This is the design fault part of the issue and that explains why it cracked over the fingerprint sensor. Today I went to the Samsung store and tried to convince them it was a manufacturing and design fault. They said it is written terms and conditions, if the glass is broken your phone is out of warranty. This means if I need a battery replacement, they will refuse me again. I have searched for a certified expert on the internet and sent the photos above. I am waiting for their response. They might require the phone to do further investigation. After I proved that was a manufacturing fault, I will directly go to the courthouse and open a lawsuit against Samsung. I am pretty sure I will win. They will end up paying court costs + expert costs + lawyer costs + they have to extend my warranty because I am stuck with A14 (which is a cr*ppy phone), and I have proof when I stopped using this phone. My proof is the receipt of A14 + my time (my time = money). Most probably the lawsuit will take years and in the end, they will end up giving me the latest generation brand-new phone.

I gave them two options:

The easy way: fix the fingerprint sensor which costs nothing to a "brand" like Samsung + customer satisfaction.

The hard way: showing up in the courtroom and spending a lot of money for lawyers and time and losing the case, and paying me all the costs. I have time and money, and I am more than motivated. I am cursing to the day I switched from Apple to Samsung. Don't buy any Samsung products! After they got your money they will ignore you. I called the Samsung customer center 2 times today and in both cases when I try to explain that was a manufacturing fault they hangup on my face! Cr*ppy products + cr*ppy aftersales = Bad brand. I am an experienced computer engineer and all the people around me ask me what or which brand to buy, so Samsung didn't lose only one customer, they have lost hundreds of potential customers!


PS: I specifically write "r" in the word "regards" lowercase

Melih Koca


You say "just replace the screen" just money isn't a factor. Not everyone just has money to blow fixing or buying the same or "upgraded" versions of products over and over again. If you have enough money to not realize it's a scam, you need to re-evaluate how much active conscious awareness you pay attention to in your daily life. By IT I am referring to the whole "create cheap products that break so they'll buy more of them" scheme. People have known about this for YEARS! It's why most people don't shop at the dollar store. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. I'm aware enough to still have my sanity. So, I'm not playing this game. My issue is the UI 5.1 update frying my wifi card, mind you, but it's the same game~

Please read his original post again.
.He clearly states he has money
.it was him who broke the phone in the first place

They have asked 800 euros for just the screen