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Blurry selfies with S21 Ultra

(Topic created on: 15-08-2022 03:14 PM)
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Galaxy S21 Series

Hi there,

How are your selfies with the S21 Ultra?

I noticed that my selfies with just myself on it are perfect, in focus and great colours.

But, when there are more people on it and especially when someone is standing behind me or to my left/right, it only focusses on me and the other persons are blurry. Seems like it has trouble focussing on subjects (people) that are not in the foreground. I compared a selfie of mine of a group with a friend who uses a Pixel phone and his selfie was sharp, mine was blurred (only me was in focus).

Is this a normal Samsung thing? do I need to turn on a certain setting for the selfie camera? like face recognition or something? It's very annoying that the selfies are so bad. I even started making selfies now with the normal camera, so I turn the phone and make a selfie with being able to see what I am taking a picture of. Just because with the normal camera the photos are verys sharp!


Any recommendations are apreciated, thank you!!