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Best Settings for Maximum Battery

(Topic created on: 03/03/21 06:41)
Galaxy S21 Series

For those getting Screen on time of more than 8 hours per charge, can you share your current settings to us? 

Hopefully others can copy and get the intended battery life we paid for lol.


Superuser I
Superuser I
Galaxy S21 Series

Although I'm not using your model of phone @konarenz battery saving tips are pretty much similar on most phone's. 

There are existing threads on the forum that discuss some good one's. A forum search should bring them up.

Here are some of the one's I always use.


Dark Mode.

Just a little less than 50% screen brightness.

Adaptive brightness turned Off.

Some apps set to deep sleep and some set to sleep mode.

Some turn off the Adaptive 120hz screen refresh rate to a lower one. Mine is on adaptive 120hz.

Some don't use the highest screen resolution. Mine is on FHD+

I let my phone sync most things regularly but some curb how many items sync and how often.

Screen time out is set to 2 minutes. 

Also remember I'm the early stages your phone is learning your usage. 

Check in Device Care and Battery to see what's using your battery the most.

I turn off the battery % sign in my status bar so I'm not continuously drawn to it.

My phone easily lasts 2 to 3 days.

I have the Snapdragon soc version that in my opinion optimises better than the Exynos soc.

Current Phone ~

Samsung Note 20 Ultra 5G SM-N9860_256Gb SnapDragon 865+

Samsung One Ui 3.1/ Android 11.

Galaxy S21 Series
yes there's definitely an issue with your battery usage I'm using the S21 Ultra the European Edition and I have no issues whatsoever with the battery usage if anything I'm impressed

Screenshot_20210303-064319_Device care.jpg

Big Cheese
Galaxy S21 Series
I have the small S20 and I get 5 hours screen on time which isn't the best but it's OK I guess, only thing I have off is 5G and 120hz if I really look after the phone and do all the optimising I can get a maximum of 7, if i turn everything on it gets to about 4, so I think 5 hours for small galaxies is about right and 8 hours for the bigger ones, I have moaned alot on this app about battery but have just learnt to accept it to be honest
Galaxy S21 Series
hope that help some of you. just to mention I'm in UK using exynos model of 21 ultra 256GB with latest update. since beginning no overheating, no issues with camera. generally no issues whatsoever.


Screenshot_20210303-084838_Device care.jpg

Galaxy S21 Series
I've had my S21 Ultra 512GB Exynos for over a month now and since day 1 I've had no overheating or battery issues. Its consistently had 8 to 12h SoT.

My settings are nearby device scanning off, dark mode and fixed brightness to 14%. I keep Bluetooth, NFC and 5G on as well as use 120hz WQHD+ resolution. I still get SoT of around 8 to 10h.

Recently I put all apps to deep sleep which didn't really change too much in terms of battery life but it cut down a lot of idle power drain (something I was seeing more of as apps build up). I've also disabled the S Pen functionality as I'm not using it right now (that also reduced idle power drain a little).

Lastly I attached a screen of a day I used the phone purely off wifi on a 5G/4G connection. It's actually quite misleading in SoT (which I did get nearly 9h by the time it switched off) as most of the time I had music streaming over Bluetooth while I was sorting music playlists.

Overall I've found the battery extremely impressive, especially compared to last years S20 Ultra which I also have. I'd say if both devices are used evenly, the S21 lasts nearly 50% longer.

Screenshot_20210226-132610_Device care.jpg