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Absolute Nightmare

(Topic created on: 09-12-2021 03:00 PM)
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Galaxy S21 Series
I've never had such a headache with another company!! I place an order on black Friday for an S21 ultra, get £200 off and £170 trade in deal.. all confirmed no probs.. my order then get cancelled  no idea why nor can Samsung tell me.. sorry they say you'll have to place a new order. Problem is I've now missed the back Friday deal so end up paying bit more for new phone and can't arrange trade on because it says my IMEI has already been used. Raised it with Samsung who say will have to wait but phones are now of of stock and my trade in price has dropped.. its a scam!!
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Galaxy S21 Series
Consider it a lucky escape.

S21 Ultra is a poor device unless you are next to a mast 24/7.

Samsung quality has also dropped through the floor. Take it as a sign and look elsewhere

And for your own sanity, Samsung Shop really should be avoided at all costs.