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Worst Customer Service - 100% Disgrace

(Topic created on: 25-10-2022 05:32 PM)
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Galaxy S20 Series

My phone had a motherboard and burn screen problem. When I brought the phone to Samsung to get it repaired, they said they didn't have the parts to fix the screen and asked me to call back in 4 days. Once the screen part had arrived, they said couldn't find my phone in their system, which I bought at the Samsung store in Houston, so they could not start the repair. Then they offer a "new" replacement for the same phone. When I got the phone, it turned out it was a refurbished phone, they lied to me, and the fingerprint feature was not working. It's been a month since I took the phone to get it fixed. Now they have offered me another replacement. They claimed this was the policy and there was nothing they could do about it. Then I asked in what circumstances Samsung would offer a brand new phone or an upgrade because I think I deserve it. I have been waiting, calling, and driving Back-and-forth. They said the manager would call me and I also left multiple messages, but they never call back. I am very disappointed in Samsung's policy, customer service, and problem-solving skills. I highly doubt I will use a Samsung phone ever again because of this issue. They just don't care.

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Galaxy S20 Series
I would agree with you on that. Apple I found are great for customer service.