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Worst Camera in s20ultra

(Topic created on: 01-10-2020 12:33 PM)
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Galaxy S20 Series

I just paid almost everything to get the s20 ultra known for its (superior camera) as i like taking photos all the time , but i really wanna cry now because the camera is very terrible 

What are you doing samsung are you going backward 

So i was sitting with a friend the same day i bought the phone and he took a selfie with his huawei nova 7i and the front camera was brilliant even it was dark , so he asked me to take a photo with my s20 ultra !! And he was shocked so was i , the photo is always blur and noisy missing all the details , everything about the camera is horrible , front or rear , even if you try tp use night mode and take a photo of yourself !! Its like samsung wants you to look ugly as orcs in LOTR 🤦 ,  so i stopped using the phone and grabed my iphone 6 . 

This post is just to say this is the last time i buy a samsung product ,  you are scam 

Galaxy S20 Series
Oh no, sounds like you had an awful experience. I think you should take the time to familiarize with the Camera app as it has some awesome features. Also keep in mind that in low light you should maintain both your phone and the subject steady to avoid blurry images. Hope that you ditch your antique iPhone 6 and limited iOS software soon. Note 20 Ultra is an awesome device.