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why does Samsung do this....

(Topic created on: 06-03-2021 11:34 PM)
I own a Samsung s20 ultra,  it's a great phone but for some reason it's like Samsung wants to keep it behind on features and what this phone can actually do.

So If you turn on the camera and use the front camera you can't zoom in or out with it, but if you download apps from the play store , there are some great apps that let you zoom in and out using the front camera, with clear picture, why does Samsung ignore this and not include it in their firmware/software.

Other apps let you see much clearly in 100x zoom than the built-in Samsung app.

Samsung you made a great phone, just give it some credit and up the software. make it better, it's like buying a ferrari and the manufacturers only let you use first and second gear unless you mod it .

This phone has so much potential, Samsung needs to improve the software especially for what the cameras are capable of .

Helping Hand
Ferrari DLC...

I can see this becoming a thing!!

the built in apps aren't always the best, heck what they can and can't do depends on chipsets, software , hardware and 3rd party extras.

sometimes, you just have to go with an alternative solution !

I hope you at least get more out of your device with the other apps :smiling-face: