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Why can’t I click on new text on Lock Screen and go directly to message app and thread after unlock, not home screen

(Topic created on: 13-12-2020 02:30 PM)
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I just got a new S20 FE and I am so frustrated with what should be one of the most simple functions of a smart phone.  On my previous phone, a Google Pixel, when a new text came in, I just double tapped the notification and once unlocked,  it took me straight to the message app and to that thread.    On this new “amazing” phone, I’m tapping like crazy in every desperate way and when it finally opens the phone, it’s just to the Home Screen!  Do all the other Samsung users just tap, tap, tap, tap, tap their way to their text message for every single text they get?  I’ll go insane.  This functionality should be one of the easiest and quickest!  I can’t find any setting that makes a difference.

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I've another issues perhaps linked to that...on my S10 when I unlock it gets back to the page / app it was when locked. I'd expect the smartphone to go always to the Home page.... still trying to see where to configure it but I'm getting mad...


Anyhow...a fix to your problem can be to setup the notification to Details. I read it somewhere.