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When moving photos from gallery to an album, they aren't deleting off gallery

(Topic created on: 05/04/21 05:14)
First Poster
Galaxy S20 Series
I have a Samsung Galaxy S20 - When selecting to 'move photos from gallery to an album', they aren't deleting or moving off gallery but still remain there. When I had my Galaxy S6 they would move from the gallery into the album. What's happened? 

If this is no longer possible, then what's the difference between 'copy to album' and 'move to album'?

From Distraught Sue
Galaxy S20 Series
Copy to album is exactly that, it makes a copy and places it in the album. Move to album means it deletes the original in the process.
Kris G
Galaxy S20 Series

how can you move photos from Gallery to anywhere else on the phone, if the Gallery displays all pics from the phone regardless of the folder?
you need to find either the 'Albums' tab or folder, or sort pictures by 'album' (folder? directory? location? bcoz all that would do the same thing) and not by name or date;

for example, when i go to Gallery, the default thing i see is 'Pictures' tab , and all the pictures there seem to be sorted by date, i can't seem to find anything to make it sort by other categories,
but if i go to 'Albums' , i can now see the option 'Sort' ;
odd that Xiaomis gallery allows sorting everywhere, but neither the S20 Ultra nor Xiaomi  can display images location on a map, like Huawei gallery does, screen from P40Pro->

and yes, Huawei Gallery app uses Google Maps to show pics on the google map 🤫😏😎 despite having no google services, so yea, i just to to Gallery app and in top right corner i have a location icon, i tap on that and i now can see pics on the map, Samsung seem to sort pics by location and show place name under pictures, but if the pic was taken where no city is, it will display some nearest place?

the Gallery on the Samsung is not really user friendly, i go with file explorer, or even better file explorer from Xiaomi (can install it on any other phone) bcoz it has a FTP shortcut in order to access the phone internal storage from any computer on the same WiFi as the phone

Huawei P8, Mate10Pro, P40Pro;
Samsung S20Ultra;
Xiaomi MiNote10;