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Want to change Onedrive destination folder for S20+ and have it upload only

(Topic created on: 12-08-2020 08:49 PM)
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Hi there,

I'm after a bit of help with the S20+ camera upload/Onedrive interraction, please.

I've used Onedrive for several years for phone uploads on a number of devices and have a 'Camera Roll' folder set up which has 5 (older Samsung Galaxy) phone cameras leading into it.  This file is accessible to the 5 phones and also on 3 connected tablets and 4 laptops.

I got my new Galaxy S20+ last week and I'm having major problems with how it links to my Onedrive account. I can't seem to get it to upload to my usual 'first level' folder - it's dumped thousands of images (from my previous device) into a new folder called 'Samsung Gallery' which is a file within a file within a file and hasn't been set up by me. So my OneDrive has thousands of duplicate images in a new file. On top of this, every time I delete a photo from the phone it deletes it from the entire Onedrive across all connected devices.  

Lastly, the Onedrive sort in this Samsung Gallery isn't working as although I have 'newest' selected in the sort order, it ignores the dates and has puts all mp4 files first no matter how old before listing photos. It doesn't do this in my other Onedrive files, only the Samsung Gallery ones.

I need it to stop doing this.  I want the photos on 'upload only' not fully synced (as they need to be deleted from each device every few months but still available on Onedrive), and I also need to be able to tell the S20+ which folder it has to save to.

Does anyone have any ideas how to do any of this, please? The only way I can currently see is to do it manually, which I used to have to do 10 years ago but in 2020 that surely shouldn't be necessary. As a default setting it's pretty atrocious so I'm hoping for an override setting to make the upload function for for purpose. 

Any help anyone can give on this would be gratefully received as I'm beginning to regret getting this phone.




DON'T do what I did and try to move the whole Camera file to your selected destination on another system (in my case a laptop.) All that will do is delete every image from your device. Yes it's still on Onedrive but no longer on the phone. Absolutely disgraceful development by Samsung. I'm beyond angry with them. A flagship phone should be better than this!


Still waiting for a proper samsung gallery sync....