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USB issue

(Topic created on: 15-03-2021 11:45 AM)
Since a recent update (not sure exactly which one), if I connect my S20+ by USB to anything other than a charger, an alarm goes off and a message about a foreign object in the USB port appears on the screen. Only by removing the cable and pressing 'OK' can I make the alarm stop and the phone useable again.

This means that I cannot connect the phone to my computer to charge or to view files stored on it.

More significantly for me, I can no longer use Android Auto on my car's head unit.

I am using the same Samsung cables and USB C adapters that I always have.

I'm pretty sure it must be an update that has caused the issue because my son's S20 has started doing the same thing.

Anyone else experienced the same or similar? Is there a solution?
Well, I found the answer. Something changed on both mine and my son's phones so they no longer liked the USB C to USB A adapters we were using to connect them to the computer and the car. When I used the cable that came with the A41 I use for work, which has a C plug on one end and an A on the other, all was well. But the phones don't like the similar non-Samsung cable I have (the connection between devices keeps dropping) so I have had to order some more official Samsung ones.

Why are Samsung phones so fussy about cables?