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Update messed up phone.

(Topic created on: 07-12-2023 09:55 PM)
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Since the last update, the sd card with 1500 photos on has fried. The pictures in the internal memory are greyed out. New wifi connection issues. Apps crashing/ not running correctly. Only pictures viewable are WhatsApp ones.
Hi there

Have you performed a Wipe Partition Cache on your device?

This should help clear some of the nasties lurking inside your device.

WiFi connection issues - recommend a Reset Network Settings on your device. (go to settings then click on the search icon top right and search Reset Network Settings, follow on screen instructions).
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Cheers, I'll have a look tomorrow
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Wiping the Partition Cashe on the phone is quite simple

Wiping the Partition Cashe clears out a lot of old or corrupted information that can cause issues

Follow the steps below. You must follow every step and you should be done in about a minute

Turn off your phone.

Connect your phone with a USB cable
to PC or another Samsung mobile

You will see the charging icon on your screen.
Wait till it shows charging with battery percentage.

Next, press and hold the Volume up and Side key simultaneously.
You can press the volume up button just before the Side key.
The Samsung Logo followed by
Samsung Galaxy appears on the

At this point, release the keys
Phone will boot into Android Recovery mode

In Android recovery mode, using Volume keys, choose "Wipe Cache
Partition" .
Use the power button to accept that.
You will then see its cleared.

Then the top option, reboot phone.
Press the power button to reboot the phone and then sign in normally
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@Richalloyd  Just to add that wiping the cache partition is recommended after updates , should result in better perfomance   and help with issues such as freezes/lags.

Regardless it is recommnded to back up photos in cloud services/local storage. whilst I know some like Sd cards they are not the fastest technology  and at times can become corrupted.

 Some other tips for wifi issues if there are continued problems:

Go to Settings- Connections - Wi-Fi - Tap the cog symbol to the right of your router - Forget . This is the bottom right on the list. Toggle your Wi-Fi off and on again - Select your router from the list of available connections, and run through all the connection steps.

Thereafter go to Settings - Connections - Wi-Fi - Tap the cog next to your router  under view More, select the MAC Address Type and set this to Phone MAC. If the issue persists, I would suggest pressing the Volume Down and Power buttons together for around 10 seconds until the phone restarts, the reason being that this will refresh the software and address any issues that might be causing problems. An idea also to reboot the router if the issue not solved.       

I do not work for Samsung or make Samsung Products but provide independent advice and valuable contributions.