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[Tip] Galaxy S20 + Ultra / Note 20 Ultra (Exynos) How to get extended battery + less heat

(Topic created on: 13-09-2020 10:18 AM)

Hi. As I see a fairly large amount of posts regarding the Exynos range regarding battery issues, heat and performance differences vs Snapdragon variants. I'm hoping by creating this guide it can help you get more from your S20 and resolve most your your issues. I'm fairly tech orientated and managed to apply all these settings straight away from when I had my phone new. I'll explain the best of my ability.

Bixby Routines: Settings > Advanced Features > Bixby Routines - From here, you can set routines based on your location, time or what app you open. For example, I have a routine that after 12:30AM it will automatically disable Bluetooth, Mobile Data, WiFi, Location and set my network mode from LTE to 2G only. It also sets the power saving mode to Medium.

You can have routines to start when you connect to your car radio or when you arrive at work to disable WiFi and enable vibrate mode etc.... be sure to check this out!

Adaptive Power Saving: Settings > Device Care > Battery > Power Mode - Enable Adaptive Power Saving. This will help your phone to learn your usage patterns. It will monitor how long you use the device and at what times at the day, it will automatically adjust power settings based on your usage. 


Disable 5G: Settings > Connections > Mobile Networks > Network Mode - Set to LTE/3G/2G (auto connect) Now I'm not 100% if this is beneficial but in theory it will stop your phone from scanning if it's in close proximity to a 5G mast. I don't live in a 5G coverage area yet so I keep it disabled. Your network provider should have a 5G coverage map on their website. I've linked below to EE's coverage area for those that want to check.


EE Coverage Checker 


Always on Display: Settings > Lock Screen > Always on Display - You can disable this here. This will prevent the clock from being displayed on the screen when your phone is in sleep. I have no proof that this can help save power. I've heard from on the mod's that it only uses miniscule amount of power. But every little helps right?


Send apps to Deep-Sleep: Settings > Device Care > Battery > App Power Management > Deep Sleeping Apps - Now I consider this one of the best power saving features. It will prevent all the apps you've downloaded from running in the background, even when it's in your pocket. This creates heat and battery drain.


Every app I've downloaded I've sent to the Deep-Sleep list. (EXCEPT) apps that I heavily rely on like WhatsApp, banking apps etc. I don't have any of the Google or Samsung related apps added to my list. Please be aware that adding apps to this list is going to prevent any notifications from popping up on your phone.


With light use, I've easily seen 48 hour+ on my S20+ Exynos. I have high expectations that Samsung will have updates soon or in the near future that can help reduce battery drain and reduce heat with firmware upgrades. We've seen it in the past, we will see it now. Kernel patches to reduce CPU voltage will undoubtedly take months of testing to be sure it's stable, every phone will react different.


If I can think of any more method's / tips. I will edit this post and update accordingly. Please drop a like if you found this useful.


If it's possible. Can this be pinned? Thank you.




Galaxy S20+ G986B/DS Enterprise Edition (EE) Unlocked "UI 2.5"
Re: adaptive power saving. Will this option automatically switch from optimised to medium power saving option? Tonight, I have set the battery option to optimised, but it has automatically switched to medium power saving. I was wondering if there is a problem, but I have just seen your post, so I'm left wondering if Adaptive Power Savin might be the culprit.
good list but are you having issues with deep sleep apps now? even though mine are in the list they are still alive in the background

Hy and thanks for zour post, please look my battery usage :


Battery usage 

I do less on my phone always display kill my battery in 1day / after update to android 11


software info 


my phone   S20+ 5G


So after update i reset all data , but problem is still there!!

How is this possible???

i have Samsung A51 with UI 2.5 Android 10 and guess what Always display is not on battery usage list!!

It make 0,05% usage wtf the fake us with new android update !!! 









Hi again, today i found big battary improvement for android 11

by default this processing is activated - twice swipe from up on homescreen - quick navigation - find - "enchanced processing"  turn off

Hope it work for you 



agreed. its the first time ive had a Samsung. it will be the last as I'm unimpressed with the phone, the OS and the cost.

Exynos , enough said 😔

Indeed they should. I never had a samsung phone before and bought it as i am very impressed with their washing machines.
Not so with their built-in oven that we have had since 2017. We only discovered how to turn on the top grille by accident this year. The supplier, the service engineer nor their head office cold tell me
( i phoned them) ots the most expensive click i ever purchased and it was not cheap.
Tgesexgalaxy phones are iverpriced and under performing.
Its my last. Anyone want the silly watch that came with it? First offer of £150 gets it.
Kris G

S20 and S21 are failures, much more than the previous series, it is like you said, none of the phones should ever need any trick to keep it from overheating or  losing battery too quickly.
Funny that Huawei since years, and now Xiaomi can do it easily, but Samsung can't.

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Samsung S20Ultra;
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