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Split screen no longer works after latest android update

(Topic created on: 10-01-2021 11:09 AM)
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Galaxy S20 Series

I am not sure if this is the most appropriate place to post this, but I am really fed up with this phone and it's recurring issues following any "update". Last "update" completely stuffed the bluetooth connectivity causing it to cut out requiring manual intervention every x minutes. Very, very annoying, along with other similar problems.


This time after it "updates" it appears to have adapted a new method of setting up the split screen feature. Why change it? It is far worse, and does not work. Complete and utter stupidity. And wouldn't this "update" be accompanied with a notification you cannot miss including instructions on how to adapt to any new "updates". No of course not. I should at the least have this phone refunded 10 times over. The amount of grief this utter rubbish has caused, not to mention how utterly rude it is to f*** someones phone up like this and say nothing about it is absurd. The split screen is the main reason I bought this phone and I use it for work. Such a reckless, rude and utterly f****** up way of doing things. Thanks Samsung, android whoever is responsible. 


Has anyone else had this issue and knows how to fix it? There must be a lot, as I am no the only one with this phone who gets updates. Seriously f***** off about this rubbish. Apple anyone? F*** this.

Galaxy S20 Series
this is beta software buddy you are going to get glitches wait till the full release backup all your data and reset your phone hopefully they work for you good luck
Galaxy S20 Series

@lootoo12  I agree with everything you have said. Ever since Android 9 every software upgrade has been *****! I have only recently bought this Galaxy S6 lite tablet and I am sick of the notifications appearing telling me to update from Android 10 to Android 11. I also have a Sony Xperia 1 II which unfortunately came with Android 11 already installed. It is totally out of order that we are unable to revert back to an older Android version especially as these devices aren't cheap and more to the point is the fact that WE are 'supposed' to own a product once we have purchased it 🤬