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Simultaneous front and rear camera use on all Samsung phones is gone ?????

(Topic created on: 08-09-2020 11:44 AM)
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Galaxy S20 Series

Back in 2016 Samsung used to have a mode on its cameras call Dual Camera that allowed a user to record video and take photos with the front and rear facing camera at the same time (the feature was particularly useful for vlogging).


This Dual Camera mode was mysteriously removed a couple of years ago by Samsung. Despite lots of comments on this forum the feature is still missing. But why?


Below is a link to a youtube video of someone demonstrating the feature on a Samsung phone in 2016:


What makes the situation even worse is that this feature is available on all Apple and Huawei that have been released in the last two years!


What is happening at Samsung and why has this feature been removed ???

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Galaxy S20 Series

I have a A70 and would also like to know why, Samsung seem to have lost the edge as Iphones now have it and Samsung has gone the way of the kids with facial apps rather than useful Vlogger apps that will surely win out for iPhone. I know when my latest phone is up for renewal I will be looking for this feature and if Samsung do not have it then I am going elsewhere