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Signal on S20 5G

(Topic created on: 23-04-2020 02:16 PM)

Just a quick comment on signal strength. I've not bothered with 5G at the moment as not good coverage in my area, so that's switched off to save battery but one thing I have noticed is the lack of signal on the indicator on the screen. Basically never shows a signal or if it does, always 1 bar. I was getting pretty annoyed over this as my wife's S10 always shows much better signal, when side by side and both on same EE network in UK. To test whether actually getting different coverage, I installed the "network signal info" third party app on both phones and can see both connected to same mast, both on 4G and both have same approx signal strength and dB levels. However, my wife's signal icon on her phone shows 3 bars and my S20 showed 0 bars of signal.


So I actually think part of the signal people complaints people are having is that the indicator is buggy in the software and not reflecting properly, so is showing no signal when you actually have a reasonable one. Come on Sansung, pull your finger out of your backside and get an update sorted to fix all these buggy problems,or at least acknowledge them and let us know you're working on it before people lose patience! 😡