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Several issues after version 12 instead

(Topic created on: 16-01-2022 07:56 AM)

I: I'm experienci,font the same keyboard problems, flickering apps 

Font size keeps altering from big to small and vice versa. 

Moisture detection alarm won't clear. 

Can't get my phone to recovery mode. 

(Experts at Samsung said that I done the sequence wrong pressing volume too long. 

Tried clearing

Cache with no joy )

Not connected to the Internet frequently 

Bluetooth turns on and near by sharing , I shared a document with some stranger last night. 

Annoying part is that Samsung blaming me for these issues by just answering me by saying usb port got wet. No mention of the inadequate software update version .



First Poster

So my A51 5G is toggling  USB connected /USB disconnected and wont stop, screen wont sleep, Battery is draining, shut down Icon used to be red now Gray, microphone no longer working in Messanger, no alphabet showing on the right side of my contact any longer.... who knows what else all since Friday nites system upgrade.

I did the cache partition process & it will work for about 1-2 minutes then goes right back to what I wrote above. Im really p***ed off at this point i have been trying to fix this for two days now

is there any way to go back to the last update?