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Secure folder issues

(Topic created on: 29-10-2021 09:13 PM)
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Galaxy S20 Series
Help, am having some weird issues with my secure folder. I went to access it and did the correct pattern and it flashed up incorrect and forgot password flashed up but when I pressed it nothing happened. 
Now it is saying try again in 420 minutes with no other text on the screen. I can't access it via the settings way as it just keeps coming up with try again in 420 minutes and this sometimes jumps back up to try again in 520 minutes.
Can't find anyone having this issue online and getting nowhere with Samsung help support chat. When I try going through the security settings, it just says try again. Any ideas?
First Poster
Galaxy S20 Series

````Your not alone My friend... It started with me Just after the phone had a Android update from 12 to 13 ( Galaxy Z fold 2), I have read many post saying the same thing....  So far I not been able to rectify the problem, and I have tried them all, the same on the other forums, progress is a wonderful thing...........