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Scammed by Samsung through their Promotion

(Topic created on: 23-07-2020 04:58 PM)
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So, I was looking to purchase a new phone a few months back and then came over to the Samsung website and saw the S20+, I decieded to check it out and saw that there was a promotion going for the product which claimed I would receive a free Galaxy Active Watch, after seeing that it really influanced me to make the purchase for the phone, I was at the time speaking to their live chat as I was trying to put student discount on the product but this removed the promotion, after speaking with the live chat I recall her telling me that any discounts applied would remove the promotion, so I decieded to just purhcase the phone at full price as the watch was worth £100 more than what my discount offered.


After receiving the phone I went to go and claim the watch from the promotions website, to my suprise it said 'Invalid Purchase Date', I then went and contacted Samsung who told me that my purchase was made outside of the promotion date, even though when making my purchase I was advertised throughout my steps that I would be receiving a free watch?


I contacted Samsung who then redirected me to contact the promotions team, I emailed them and they said they were looking into the issue for me, I waited roughly a week, no response so decieded to give them a email to nudge them on an update, they told me they were still looking into it, this happened back and forth for the next 2-3 months, to the final email telling me that my claim was still declined by Samsung...


I then contacted Samsung Promotions over the phone who told me they couldn't do anything about it, and that I should contact Samsung Support, which I did, and they were then trying to redirect me back to the promotions team, sending me in a loop of contacting the same two teams... I ended up getting my message through to the normal Samsung Support who told me they can't do anything about it, and I was then told on the phone that it was my fault? Somehow I managed to get through to a Samsung Manager who basically told me the same thing but offered a £50 voucher which I declined as this isn't what my promotion said, plus I could have saved £100 if I used my student discount so I wouldn't accept a measly £50 voucher to spend on over priced Samsung Accessories..


Overall my whole experience with Samsungs support has been disgusting, none of them are able to really help the customer or lack the will to help, and they have been incredibly rude towards me basically saying proof or it didn't happen, even though the person I was talking to on the phone said they have had a few others with the exact same issue as me?


I even asked if it was possible to refund my purchase, but I was greeted with a firm NO. Apparently I would of had to do that within the first 28 days which makes sense for people that haven't had the same issue as I had, but for me I've been waiting on a response from Samsung for months, I literally feel like I have been scammed so hard by a company which boasts about being the best..


It's honestly been my worst customer experience and it really makes me regret ever getting a Samsung Phone, when I've had issues previously with Apple they have provided me with a lot of support and have always helped, Samsung on the other hand really don't seem to care..


If anyone can help me progress my issue, or even link me with some legal support on the case I would be incredibly grateful