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Samsung S20+ white screen display Issue

(Topic created on: 01-12-2022 06:46 PM)
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I have this phone for 2 years now. It began 2 days ago with the lines/flickering. Now, I am having a white screen. I cannot see anything, restarted. Still white.

What can I do? Screen still looks good. Wasn't overheated because I wasn't using it much at the time. Almost all of my samsung phones lasted for 2 years.  I am now thinking of changing phone brands and try other phone brands. 

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I appreciate Samsung apply a Limited 2 year manufacturers warranty but you can still visit a Samsung Service Centre for a costing or to see if they can advise.

It may not be a costly repair.

I assume it's never had an accidental bump or water ingress ?

Hardware can and will fail unfortunately @Members_WuA8blu 

I personally wouldn't use a standalone repair shop as the parts they use may not be official oem parts and there's no guarantee of the quality of workmanship and repair.

I wish you all the best 

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