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Samsung s20 plus 5g usb type c jack

(Topic created on: 13-01-2021 05:16 AM)
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Hi all,


Does anybody else feel that samsung should do away with the usb type c connector or at least bring back the 3.5mm headphone jack? I only ask because i have had nothing but the same issue with it when it since day one. The issue being that its so loose when connecting headphones and when i say headphones i mean the AKG pair that come with phone. It seems the jack is slightly too big or the adaptor on the headphones is slightly too small. I cannot walk five steps without my music cutting out because the adaptor has moved in slightly in my pocket.

I have now had to resort to placing a small piece of card in the jack and then jamming the adaptor in just to keep it locked in there so i can use my phone properly without getting frustrated with it.

Surely this cannot be the way forward and i would be interested to know if i'am the only one experiencing this problem.

I have been a massive fan of samsung phones since this galaxy s4 and i have to say that this is the first time ive considered changing brand if this is something that isnt sorted by the time im able to upgrade in 2022.

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The usb-c is the new industry standard so I can't see Samsung ditching it or bringing back the headphone 3.5mm jack as that space has now been taken up by other tech inside the phone @Dkj26 


You certainly shouldn't have to “ jam ” anything inside to get a stable connection between earphones and phone !


As a process of elimination can you try another set of earphones in your phone and your set in another phone ? 


Check inside the phone's port with a torch to ensure there's no debris inside and also push the earphones firmly into place.


Both my N10+ 5G and N20 Ultra 5G are fine but my preference is to use Samsung Buds Live and Airpods Pro. 


Certainly do reach out to the outlet that supplied the phone originally,  and or a Samsung Experience Store or Samsung Service Centre for the phone and earphones to be looked at.


May I assume if you charge by power brick and cord that this fits into the phone's usb-c port OK ? 


I wish you all the best with this. 


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It's a strange one. My A71 had the Type C and the 3.5mm Headphones Jack which I preferred. I don't see just Type C being the way forward. I see the benefits with charging and Data transfer but not with music.
Many times I have had my phone on charge wanting to listen to music but I can't 'cause the port is preoccupied with the charger. I don't want to be faffing about with a Type C splitter.