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Samsung s20 plus 5g dual sim

(Topic created on: 25-02-2021 05:10 PM)
So disappointed with the s20 i'll soon be going back to iPhone after owning this one... I've had the s7 edge, s8 and s9 and all are better than the s20... Gallery...update when I do an edit it doesn't do a copy like the older phones you have to screen shoot to save and revert if you want original back. Can no longer do a clear cache...the normal way restart...hold power and volume up button till start then release no longer works.. Key board is rubbish having to keep going back to change spelling and words. Notification work when they want to.. No matter what, I don't get sound Notification for voice mail.. I can't set different Notification sounds to the apps I most use its sets and saves but most apps like my other phones just either don't sound or just use default no matter what I do... Everything I've listed I can still do on my s8 and s9. Finger print hardly works can't fit glass screen cause finger print never works and I've tried lots of different ones. Face recognition works when it wants.. Even deleting prints and re doing...they don't work! A lot of money paid for the phone and its rubbish samsung you need to look into sorting these problems and more on an update they did work at least two updates ago 🤷🏼‍♂️ very frustrating... I might add I'm using duel sim and only use second sim for calls only. 

I had the s20 and the battery was an absolute joke had to charge it twice a day just to get me to night time so I sold it and went back to iPhone myself no issues at all.

I used to be a Samsung user I had the note 20 and ultra and same with the battery’s just no good such a shame Samsung do need to look into things more mine used to always crash to.

Had an S20 since it came out, Battery fine lasts all day, can copy and paste as normal, the only issue I agree with is you cannot get the fingerprint recognition to work with a glass screen protector although standard type works fine. Never had an issue with face recognition, sound like you got a duff one.
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why is there no plug, wasn't even advised when making the purchase....thankfully my son had one I could use
when I contacted EE about this,they agreed it was ridiculous but both samsung and iPhone are helping to save the planet by not giving us plugs....lovely in theory but I had to order one,meaning two lots of carbon footprint too! and I'm having to wait a week to receive it...Nice one samsung!!!
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am having same problem end am helping you if you want
Ive had no issues i have glass screen protector still works fine with finger print i use my phone on games & have to charge maybe twice a day but using net drains any phone as ive always used samsungs i uploaded my own photo keyboard works great & best i like about my s20 the camera is brilliant especially on zoom all im waiting for now is my watch to come