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Samsung S20 FE - calls cutting in and out

(Topic created on: 16-11-2021 09:06 PM)
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My wife has a Samsung S20 FE with 5G from Verizon. For the past few months she has had issues with calls cutting in and out. We have restarted her phone multiple times, tried the Samsung band selector app to get off of 5G and still having no luck. She called me today and it sounded like she was driving through a tunnel it was cutting out so bad. We live outside a major city in Ohio (no tunnels).

This phone is only a year old if that and she is wanting to replace the thing. Why is this happening on the S20 series phones? I have seen a lot of complaints like this popping up and every fix we have tried has not worked. For how much we have to pay for phones like these, these issues should not be happening this badly

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Hi @Rvikan 


I appreciate this must be frustrating for her !

If your network has a network mast checker online it maybe just worth checking that to see if her masts are performing properly. 

Also as a process of elimination to rule out the sim card being at fault or phone can she try the sim card in another phone and if possible another sim card in her phone.

A network can swap a sim card via a sim swap if necessary. 

Also there is a diagnostic test tool in her Samsung Members App under GetHelp then Diagnostics.

There is an option to reset network settings in settings,  general management,  reset, reset network settings.

A Samsung Experience Store  / Samsung Service Centre can take a look at the phone too.

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I've had similar issues with the S20 FE 5G, it got so bad that I've had to replace the phone. None of the troubleshooting steps mentioned worked and the SIM card is not faulty as it is working fine on my new S22+, a rather forced upgrade..