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Samsung S20 FE 5G damaged screen (without dropping it)!!

(Topic created on: 06-01-2023 12:29 AM)


I hope someone may be able to help me as I am really annoyed and disappointed with Samsung. 

My phone seems to have developed a cracked screen on its own, it did not fall, no impact, no nothing and I am scratching my head wondering how it is possible for this to happen? 

I am very careful with my devices and go to extreme measures to protect it from any sort of damage or even a tiny scratch.  My phone has had a cover and screen protector since day one and I've had it for just a little over 2 years (2 years 25 days to be exact).  I've had many devices throughout the years and I have never damaged a screen on any of them, I am so careful that it even has the original film the protects the back, the original packaging, etc.  And I have this for all the units I've owned and the phones look like are brand new, hence why I am so annoyed that a cracked screen appeared out of nowhere. 

I contacted Samsung support and they told me that because my phone is just out of warranty, I will have to pay for the repair.  Again, if I would have accidentally damaged it, I would not have an issue with it but the fact that I did nothing for it to happen is what is troubling me that something may not be right with this phone.  The only thing I could think of is that I had YouTube on for about 4 hours, watching videos and playing music, stopped YouTube to go for my dinner and when I held the phone it was quite hot, very hot in fact so I left it in the room beside the window which was a bit open to let some fresh air in (it was cold air). Went back upstairs and I spotted this line accross the screen, I thought it was a smudge or something, cleaned it and it didn't go away.  I glided my finger over to check if it was a crack on the protector and there was none but you could only see it when the screen phone is blacked out and tilted slightly.  

Contacted Samsung and the rep asked me to take a photo, so for that I removed the screen protector as otherwise it wouldn't show the damage and also because the message from the rep asking me not to remove it came in a bit delayed so I didn't see it in time.  Anyhow, I glided my finger again and you couldn't feel any damage until you run your nail over it and then you feel the catch, I started to check the bezel and everywhere for any sign of external damage and there is none so it looks like it is internal and not external. 

So after such a long winded message, I was wondering if anyone had experienced the same as myself with a S20 fe 5g or any samsung device?

Samsung would not repair it under warranty because I am 25 days over the cover period but my main concern is as to how a phone that it is meant from the flagship series, that cost me over €800 when I bought it, a phone that has been well looked after can develop a cracked screen out of nowhere? Could something else be wrong with this phone? 

The rep said that filed a complaint for the issue with the screen and that someone would call me in the next 24 to 72 hours but no call yet, so I don't know how this would turn out but in the meantime, any help would be much appreciated it. 

Thank you


Battery expanding? And should a small crack matter that much?
Could be a swollen starting take it to samsung for them to take a look at it
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Hello @GracieC78 

I appreciate your frustrated and disappointed with what has happened with your phone which is understandable. 

When a person is using a resource heavy app such as YouTube for an extended period of time then the phone will warm up.

However if the phone was overheating then there would be a pop up message warning of this advising to turn the phone off for a period of time.

In extreme circumstances the phone would automatically shut down.

There are many threads on the Samsung Community in regards to phone displays mysteriously cracking. 

I in no way dispute what these owners state has happened to the phone.

The best advice I can give is to seek support in person at a Samsung Service Centre or Samsung Experience Store for them to have hands on. The information you've been given about the 2 Year Manufacturers Warranty is indeed correct,  however the Service Centre may consider extending support to you and help.

Some regions have a Doorstep Repair Service or the phone can be arranged to be sent to Samsung. 

They may also however explain what the repair charge would be.

An alternative would be to check any relevant insurance policy such as Home Contents Insurance.

If I can be of any further help then please don't hesitate. Take care.  😎 

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Thank you very much for your response.  I agree that heavy usage apps tend to warm the phone but in this instance it felt hot as any other time when it "overheats" which it tends to happen from time to time even tho the phone is not in use. 

I did not get any warning about resting the phone, I stopped using it as I had to get dinner.  Again, this is not the 1at time the phone heated to that level and nothing else was out of the extraordinary.  I've had several phones, I have used them them in the same way as this s20 but yet this is the 1st phone to get a cracked screen all by itself which it makes me wonder as to how it could possibly happen and how reliable are samsung products.  Would it make think twice, 3 times to buy another Samsung product? Absolutely.

I still have not spoken to the Samsung manager that was due to call me (I got a call but I was not able to answer properly and requestwd if she could call me back in 10 mins) but nothing since then. 

If I lived anywhere near a Samsung centre I would bring the phone but unfortunately the closest to me it's a 2.5hrs drive so I would like to talk with someone first to see what can be done.  I am worried that something else is wrong with this phone.  

The damage is 100% internal, you cannot feel it when you glide your finger over it  ut you can see the ugly crack across the screen when it's locked.

Thank you again for your suggestions. 


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I too woke up to find my screen cracked in numerous spots, the phone was hot and had a message on the screen saying it was over heated . I was confused as i never dropped the phone and I live alone so no-one else could have dropped it .  That was 4 weeks ago and the phone still worked. Now all of a sudden the screen went black , I can't turn it off, can't work the phone at all, I can feel it vibrate and I asked bixby to make a call and it did , the phone still works through bixby, it rings when you call it but I can't answer the call, I tried swiping but it won't answer , the phone still operates but I can't use it, I'm about to go back to Optus the phone is about 5 months old and it's a Samsung S20 , I'll be angry if they say sorry its my fault , after reading a number of threads it seems this is a problem with a lot of S20s , I still have 18 months of paying for a phone I cant use