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Samsung Promotions... don't bother

(Topic created on: 02-10-2020 09:57 PM)
Samsung Promotions are a headache not worth getting involved with.

Can't decide between two phones? Choose the one that doesn't come with a samsung promotion. Otherwise you're in for this wild ride:

You purchase a phone, expecting it to come with free headphones. Instead you get a flyer that says you can claim the headphones on the samsung members app.  But you have to wait a minimum of 30 days.

Wait 30 days.

Open the samsung members app. There's NO mention of the promotion anywhere.

Wait a few more days, just in case.


Ask for assistance and receive no response.

Spend hours googling. Find an obscure link several pages into Google. You've found the place to claim!

Send off your full receipt to prove qualifying purchase.

Be told that your invoice/receipt of purchase from O2 is not sufficient evidence. Send off every scrap of information you can find that has ever been sent regarding the phone.


Continue to wait.

Eventually your claim will be validated.

The official samsung literature that lied to you about the members app says that the reward will be dispatched 30 days after validation.

Wait 30 days.

Receive no update.

Contact samsung promotions support.

Wait for a response.

Two weeks later than promised, your package has been dispatched.

A few days later: samsung promotions get back to you, not answering your concerns.

Wait until delivery date.

The parcel doesn't arrive.

Check your emails. At 9pm the courier tells you that they have to reschedule delivery. For no reason. Contact the courier. Receive no assistance.

I can't begin to describe my frustration. The wait for each step is unnecessarily long. Why not just send the product with the phone?! Then, if you follow the instructions that you're given, you go to the wrong place to claim. You ask for assistance and get nothing back. You send off the proof of purchase and are told it's not proof of purchase. The timeframes your given are missed at each step. Ask for more assistance and are given nothing. Then the parcel doesn't even arrive?!

Don't bother. Do yourself a favour and go for the Google Pixel, Huawei or iPhone that you were tempted by instead.
luckily I haven't had problems claiming the promotion but some like yourself do. I find it annoying that they don't include with the phone but I suppose they hope many will not bother to claim or leave it too late and not be able to within the claim dates.
Sometimes I think they get overloaded with claims and delays and mistakes happen.

keep on at them. You have the receipts and the validation email so thats good promotion will be sent with tracked delivery.

Have you contacted Facebook page and rang promotions?

I've noticed their customer service is lacking, probably due to the pandemic.

Hope you get your gift soon. xx
Helping Hand

Not sure I would get so flustered over a set of headphones....

Samsung Members Star ★★

It must be different in the Uk @jamestoastday 


When I pre ordered the N20 Ultra part of the ordering process was to pick the promotional item.


The Buds Live then followed the N20 Ultra delivery.



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The advice I offer is my own and does not represent Samsung’s position.
I'm here to help. " This is the way. "


Ordered on the 13th of February, supposed to be here the 17th...Shipped my promotional item (one of two items I got for the 150 promotionextra $)


Fed ex got label for tablet on the 15th, says coming today, the 18th. Needed the new phone the most (note 20 ultra) However, that has yet to be shipped and has a delivery date of tomorrow, still no items yet as of today. Super disappointed as my phone said it was to be delivered on the 17th, no mention of delays and its in stock so wtf samsung.