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Samsung Galaxy S20 fe 5g Battery Draining

(Topic created on: 09-08-2022 09:36 PM)
Vanita Limbachia
First Poster
Galaxy S20 Series

I got my new Samsung Galaxy S20 fe and the battery is draining crazy fast. I charged it 100% at night and took out the charger and in the morning it was 60% without any use. and it goes to zero by afternoon. after checking the battery usage it shows that 98% of the battery was consumed by "Data restore tool", I never used or heck it isn't even app in my phone but still it shows that is was running for 17 hr 35 min in background somehow. 

anyone know how and why is thisI have NO idea why and what this Data restore tool is?I have NO idea why and what this Data restore tool is?It says it was on for 17 hrs in background.It says it was on for 17 hrs in background. happening. Because at this rate the phone is unusable as the battery drains way faster than it even it charges.

Galaxy S20 Series
This Data Restore Tool Is Taking a Huge amount of battery, Find a way to look for this apps information by going on Settings and on Apps search Data Restore tool. Then clear all that data and cache if you can also delete that useless app
Big Cheese
Galaxy S20 Series
Hi, it's an issue you get when setting up your new device & copying everything from your old device straight to the new device, I know this suggestion is time consuming but it's the best method so far, do a factory reset then setup the device without restoring all your saved backup data.
Don't restore just setup from scratch.