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Samsung care mobile phone repair.

(Topic created on: 17-01-2021 10:55 AM)
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I have Samsung care policy on my phone. I am trying to get it repaired. On Thursday I spoke to Samsung who were about to despatch a courier to pick my phone up for repair on Friday until I asked about my care policy. Once he heard I had a policy he said someone would ring to organise repair in 48 hours and no-one has. Anyone had a repair done through Samsung care policy during this lockdown? Do they use the doorstep repair or will it still be picked up and taken away? 
 Massively disappointed in the handling of the situation of how because I have a policy and won't be paying the full amount for repair I am now getting messed about. Rang again yesterday 48 hours after first call to be told wait another 48 hours. It isn't right that if I hadn't taken out the policy my phone would be on its way to being repaired.