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S20FE Email has tied up, unable to do anything with it

(Topic created on: 27-05-2021 11:51 PM)
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Galaxy S20 Series

I have had S20fe  for about a year.  I upgraded from a Galaxy 5  so this is heaven

But , for some reason I have two email addresses on this. It was when I first set it up, transfered stuff over from Galaxy 5.  all was working well  then AOL,  which I use the most  (yes, I'm old<S>) stopped sending emails.  Then I noticed I was not receiving new emails  or only one or two  I tried clearing cache, etc etc.

Well the more I poked around the more Gmail kept popping up.  I tried to sign into AOL mail but get message name and password not correct.  But they are

I've hit sync accounts, but no luck

right nowit somehow is set on Gmail  but will not do anything. 


I hope this is making sense,  it's confusing, I'm ancient,  I just want to be able to use AOL,  which seemed to be "attached: to gmail


 It took me awhile but finally figured out how to turn off phone,  thinking that might help reboot stuff.  It didn't.


I have data only plan,  no voice  so depend on text and messages and email  (which btw, the texts no longer show a little icon when one comes in)

HELP????  please speak in basic terms to me.....dang this is confusing

thank you

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Galaxy S20 Series





1. test your email using the website:

if username and password are accepted,

2. you may try AOL email app, you can download from Google Play Store

3. or remove your AOL email from phone, then add again

Settings → Accounts → Email→ AOL → remove | Add


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Galaxy S20 Series

And so   email is working..I get it on desktop at home and got it when I loaded the app.  Hang up seems to be google gmail took over aol mail?  Step 3,settings, accounts and back up.....I am showing 3 email accts one with google, personal IMAP, and samsung  a google gmail..which I never use...and now the aol app that I just loaded.   so I assume the google and the personal IMAP should get deleted/  Then somehow I reload the IMAP?  thank you