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S20 Ultra Improvements

(Topic created on: 31-08-2021 06:05 PM)
Why dont we see anymore improvements added for the S20 Ultra G988B varients via software updates all we get is security updates i thought seeing as this device has 3 years of software updates left that samsung promised would of thought they would of added stuff new to the table. Battery life still needs to be improved it drains too quickly Ive hardly used it basically just use this phone for taking pictures thats about it wouldnt use it has a daily driver since the battery cant last a whole day without draining.
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Pretty sure you'll get android 12, also if it's exynos there's not a lot Samsung can do to fix the battery drain, exynos last year was a disaster, either live with the battery drain or upgrade to the S21U
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Hi @xmrdevi1ishx 


Usually a person would see major changes when moving from one main android platform to another i.e Android 11 to Android 12 for example.

So when on Android 11 when we get an update which does include the next new security Patch this also can include subtle changes you may not see or changes in the background such as device optimisation.

There are tips to help lengthen usage time's on a phone which are on the forum here , on tech sites and on YouTube however battery SoT and stats is a subjective topic as we all set our phone's up differently.

As mentioned the soc can have an impact on optimisation. Snapdragon is known to provide better optimisation than the Exynos soc in some cases.

Also over time a batteries output can shorten due to usage and the act of charging and discharging the phone.

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Im waiting for the S22 Ultra instead