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S20 ultra and s21 plus issues on 5G broadband

(Topic created on: 10-05-2021 11:40 PM)
First Poster
Galaxy S20 Series
I've recently got the 3 5G Broadband and I've had some issues with it connecting on Samsung. When I connect on a iPhone device the download speed is about 250 and upload speed about 40-50 and when I try to connect on any Samsung the download speed is about 150 and the upload speed is 0.2...
I can't use Google play store, YouTube and often says connection timed out. 
I have the WiFi 6 signal when I connect to the broadband but it just doesn't seem to work. Am I missing something? Is there a setting I need to toggle because it's beginning to annoy me!
Kris G
Galaxy S20 Series

Device specific problems? read more posts on here, some users that have same phone as i do, but have problems i don't. 
As for 5G, the speed depends on range, and obviously on how many users are on it, the closer you are to the antenna the better, in my city the speed on my two 5G phones won't go above 200Mbps download, don't know about the up speed tho.
Well, in my contract it states that i won't be getting more than 300Mbps anyway.
I would run at least dozen of speed test with Ookla website on both phones, if possible at same time, then swap the SIM cards and do the whole thing again.
I am not aware of limitation per SIM and speed, but maybe one of the SIM slots is primary?
It was like that some 5y ago on some devices.
It would be also not bad to install some app to display the current speed, not that some updates are being downloaded and that affects the test results.

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