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S20 Ultra 5G - Camera/AF and battery

(Topic created on: 15-03-2021 01:20 PM)


I am relatively new in the Samsung world. Currently, I own a S20U 5G phone, with latest Android (G988BXXU6DUB5)

I have several questions.

  1. I've noticed some clicking sound when I exit my Camera app and also when I open Settings for this app inside of it. Is it ok? I bet it is somehow related to the lens.
  2. I've also read some articles regarding the autofocus issues. Are those solved? For me it seems to work decently fine, but I am not sure what are the best settings, should I keep tracking autofocus turned of or on.
  3. Also, I've noticed that if I do some AF test with bringing hand relatively close (15cm), and on the background there are some objects contrasting with the background, some grey squares are popping around them and focus seems to be jumping to them randomly. Did anyone notice the same thing? What are those grey squares?
  4. The battery. My SoT is around 4.5-6hrs, on LTE mostly with some calls, a lot of FB and messenger. I've noticed that the battery likes to drop quickly from 100%. Like if after I start using it on 100%, it could drop to 97% during 10-15 minutes of active usage. Then it is going slower, in a normal pace. Is you experience similar?

Thanks in advance for sharing your experiences.