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S20 Ultra 5G Bluetooth Microphone

(Topic created on: 31-01-2021 03:14 PM)
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Galaxy S20 Series

I purchased the S20 Ultra a few months ago and I find myself making lots of videos. I would like to record the videos using an external microphone via Bluetooth (not USB-C, not WiFi, not anything else) for the audio. There are plenty of so called Bluetooth Microphones on Amazon but they are far from that. All they are are Bluetooth Speakers with a microphone for Karaoke where the microphone only works locally with the speakers, not transmit via Bluetooth to the phone. There are other "Bluetooth" microphones with an adapter for the phone, which is useless to me since the S20 has no adapter input. It was removed some phone versions ago. Having said that, is there a real Bluetooth Microphone that I can use to transmit my voice through the microphone, via Bluetooth, to my phone so that the audio on my phone recorded videos sound better?

Please note that I emphasize, I need the microphone to transmit to the phone via Bluetooth directly without any adapters. Just Bluetooth.

EDIT: I don't need a headset either. The headsets with microphones seem to work well, but I don't want to wear a headset while creating my videos. I just need a Bluetooth Microphone. Not a Bluetooth Headset.

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Galaxy S20 Series

In Galaxy S20 Series, Camera app has new features called "Omni" located in Video Pro option (find it in "More"0), go to Omni > Bluetooth. You can use wireless earbud to capture video and record sound via Bluetooth eardbud.


Beside "Omni feature in Samsung Camera app, you also can use this app for your purpose:

Galaxy S20 Series


I am waiting for Ultra and read about the OMNI in the Pro Video part of manual.

It would be good to use a remote microphone but I do not know whether it is best to have a receiver plugged into USB connector  on the phone?  

Any opinion.