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S20 plus speaker vibrate problem and Dynamic Amoled PWM headache eye strain

(Topic created on: 30/06/20 10:09)
Galaxy S20 Series

I'm very disappointed in my new galaxy s20 plus.

this is the first time I've been disappointed since I bought 5 android smartphones before 3 of them are Galaxy S series.


My first disappointment is the top speaker. when In mid to max volume the body of the phone specially the back trembles and vibrates so hard that your finger feeling is getting electrocuted.


Second the  s20 plus screen display uses  the new dynamic amoled and it suffers from oled pwm which in slow motion you can see the blinking of the screen, which causes me headache and eye strain. in my s7 and s9, which is super amoled I never had an issue like this.


When I used it for over an hour my eye felt dizzy. it's more like motion sickness. my head hurts after using it and my eye strain so much, and even with the bluelight filter turned on it doesnt help, I don't know if it's the motion scrolling or what, but my eye really hurts after using the phone.


and this is the main reason I want to trade my phone to another brand. 


This is not samsung before, I love their brand I use, galaxy s3, s7, s9

this is the first time I get disappointed in samsung. and especially the EXYNOS version is way level poorer in performance than snapdragon which is only available in countries like korea,china,U.S 😞


This is the very first time I wrote regarding a phone I bought,  because I'm really disappointed, it's a $1000 phone not worth its price.


Hope you can fix everything I said in the next update. and hope you can improve your product more. 


Galaxy S20 Series

Me too. After using this phone for a day and in the morning, already experiencing headaches like in the frontal area then becomes a migraine. I think its because of the PWM to be honest. How does your headaches feel like? The only problem I have is getting my parents convinced about it. Because Honestly, they dont believe that a samsung phone that was purchased 1 month ago, could give such headaches and therefore need some of your help towards this issue, if possible.