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S20 LED cover could so easily replace notification light...

(Topic created on: 05-02-2021 03:56 PM)
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I just upgraded my trusty Galaxy S7 to an S20+. It's a great phone but one thing I miss (me and a million others) is the notification LED - when I'm round the house or garden I just needed to glance towards my phone to see if I'd missed anything.

So then I read about the LED cover and thought that solved the problem nicely - the back would be lit up with a message notification, serving the same purpose.

So I bought one. Great fit and really nice feel, and it COULD (surely?) perform this valuable notification light function...except that it doesn't. It's more like a novelty toy.

So what can it already do?
* Display an icon when a message arrives (or whatsapp, missed call, etc.) - it does this already (but just for a moment).
* Keep the display lit until phone is picked up - it does this already but just for smiley face etc. icon or stars effect.

So please Samsung, you're missing a trick here:
* Settings -> Advanced -> Accessories -> LED cover
* In Style (Mood lighting or LED icons) just add a third option "Notifications"
* Keep the existing auto turn off menu to define time
* The use case is: user puts phone face down, no display shown (or 10 secs stars then none). Message arrives -> now LED cover shows the notification icon for the time defined in auto turn off menu (in my case until phone picked up).

This has to be easy...?  

Black Belt 
why don't you use the always on display it displays a clock and you get notification icons at underneath, I know its probably not the same as a little light flashing but it's the next best thing?