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s20+ issues

(Topic created on: 28-03-2020 11:54 PM)
Galaxy S20 Series

the phone costed 75k including everything. Following were the issues which samsung is not addressing.


1.the camera qulity drastically changed after the short it have gone to worse from bad. zoom doesnt work to give the clarity or is reliable on the shots.very bad quality

2.random shut downs..restarts app crashes.and a high end flag ship model doesnt have a graceful way to quit the things

3 heating of the screen and phone to almost 38° and more.the excuse given by the samsung showroom dealers is tht its a high end phone.Wat is the high end phone has to do with performance is tht it should heats as soon as multiple apps are open. mobile phones which doesnt even cost half of this will deliver better performances.

4 sensor was removed from the phone for calculating the heart beat temp and stress. and no body noticed it yet??


and samsung authorities are not even cared on delivering things..thy juz need money.juz because thy have dynamic amoled doesnt mean that phone is a winner. price is paid as u asked. delivering is your committment