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S20+ discounted - Eligible for Free Watch still?

(Topic created on: 14-05-2020 12:02 PM)
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Hi, I am seriously considering purchasing the S20 via a work benefits scheme which gives me 15% discount for direct purchases from Samsung. I was only considering the S20 as it seems a similar size to my current S7 however I noticed the offer for the free Galaxy watch if I purchase the S20+..... What I can't seem to work out from the T&Cs is if I purchase the S20+ using my work benefit discount, does anyone know if I will still be able to claim the free Galaxy watch? I'm very interested in having a smartwatch as well (got to move with the times finally!!) but I don't want to pay more for the plus if I then can't claim a free watch as that's the only reason for buying a plus & not just the basic S20! Thanks in advance 🙂


i would assume as you are buying it direct from samsung but the offer is from work not samsung itself it would work. I cant work it out from the terms myself, but as it doesnt say you cant use a discount along with it i would assume yes.

I got £200 off my s20+ not with a work discount though, but from the store i bought from. and i got email telling me how i need to go to samsung website for my free watch.. so i save £200 plus get a £190 watch! (which must be better then my £30 Chinese one lol) - only reason i went with the plus over the standard s20 is the free watch to be honest!


Only way i dont see it working is if samsung themselves did an offer for a discount. they only allow one offer. but if its from work, i would say it should.

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Thanks, yes, sounds like my situation is same/similar to yours.... T&Cs may just mean not eligible if its another Samsung promotion/discount.... Think I may just bite the bullet!