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S20+ Damage to microphone with sim removal tool

(Topic created on: 10-08-2021 01:35 PM)
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Galaxy S20 Series

I pushed a SIM removal tool into the top microphone hole instead of the SIM eject hole. Made a crunching sound. I tested the top microphone and it now doesn't work.

Question: Will the waterproof integrity of my phone now be compromised too? 

Galaxy S20 Series
If it made a crunch and doesn't work anymore then I would be very worried and would probably call samsung straightaway. You should call them and ask them to repair it or call them for a doorstep repair. It would be a paid repair though as the phone is over a year old now and only has a year of warranty. I think your phone is still waterproof as the mics have seals around them inside the phone. But this is quite important as its used for loudspeaker and voice recorder so you should get it repaired ASAP.
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certainly the device will need repair @Members_4tJuHgM , the waterproof integrity should be ok with the seals  though. Just to add to the points @APARMAR  made Samsung Mobile Devices have 2 years of warranty which would start on the day purchased, one year for battery though.  However may well be invalidated  by the  error,even if an accident. 

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Galaxy S20 Series
Samsung phones normally have a 24 months manufacturer warranty if purchased brand new from reputable dealers but regardless, what you did by accident would be described as user damage as you've damaged the mic by prodding the sim tool by accident. So the warranty should be void but you can still pay for a official Samsung repair.

As for water resistance, only a engineer will properly know I guess depending on the damage, I agree with APARMAR, you need to get it fixed or replaced.