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S20 5G battery drain?

(Topic created on: 31-12-2023 07:40 AM)
Wondering what other users experiences are with the battery.

I'd been getting the feeling for a little while that the battery wasn't as good as it used to be but nothing was really happening to convince me one way or another. It was just a feeling I had. 

Then I went out on a 3hr bike ride with it connected to my bike computer Wahoo app for live tracking (screen was off & yes I have a bike computer which I use for rides) & where previously at the end the battery would be around 50% in this scenario +/- say 10% it was now at 5%. 

Still, it's difficult to ask others because our usage is different so last night I put the phone on 100% charge (usually I use battery saving mode). I took it off from 100% charge around 11pm. I didn't use the phone & went to bed about 12am (phone now 98%). 

I get up 7:15am, the phone hasn't even been picked up since 12am

And now it's on 84%. 

Phone purchased last summer from Music Magpie in 'pristine' condition if any of that matters. 
I've also deleted loads of apps I don't need/use. 

Is this normal usage or excessive? 
First thing to check is Settings > Battery and what apps if any are draining the battery on regular basis. You could then go into settings > Apps and click on apps you regularly use and then click on Battery within the App settings. You'll then get the option to set the Apps battery usage, I use "optimised" for most of my apps. I only let a couple of important Apps work in the background. Other than this it could be requiring a new battery. Cheers
Its a little on the heavy side, my phone with AOD on all night will eat between 5 and 8% depending on how long the night is. With it being used unfortunately you won't know how haggered the battery is. Someone could look after their phone and it be in mint condition but they could have been a power user and used the phone day and night and always left on charge over night. I would just say its age why this happening. Go into members diagnostics and check the battery, it may say its bad.
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First things to look out for are.

Permissions for always on and precise location apps

Background data apps.

Also say if you had maps ON which require both of the above and a shitty mobile signal it will drain your battery like mad.

Another issue can be sync errors.
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If it helps any then after starting from wake up on 84% I'm now on 20%. I've just had a look at what's using the battery the most and the biggest culprit at 1.9% is Google Play Services.

After this is goes to 1.6% for Chrome and then 0.9% for WhatsApp.

And approx. 8 hours have passed by.