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S20+ 4G or 5G Version?

(Topic created on: 13-12-2020 11:44 PM)
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Hi all,


Australian here, but doesn't look like we have a Samsung Community - only US and EU.


Looking at upgrading my s7 to an s20+ as the s7 is starting to show its age. Same ordinary Exynos CPU here of course as with EU - if only we all got Snapdragon.


Is the increase in RAM worth it for 5g version? 8GB to 12GB. I live rural, so it'll be a good 3-5 years before 5G is available here. I usually upgrade phones every 3 years regardless. I don't game apart from Pokemon Go, everything else is web browsing, YouTube, emails, calls and texts, social media, etc. 


Save the ~$150 and go the 4G version? Everyone enjoying the s20+?


Thanks EU Family!

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Yes, absolutely save your money. I've an S20+ in the UK but only because there isn't a 4G version here, but it will still be years before I can make the most of 5G with a phone. Often on my commute my phone won't even find 4G so I've no interest yet in 5G.

So I suspect that even if you go 5G, you'll be upgrading again before you actually see the benefit. (Don't forget that 4G is still fast enough to stream music and video so think about what you'd actually use 5G for).

Also, if you wanted 5G once available, you'd be paying more to your phone provider for a 5G sim when, if it's anything like the UK, you'd only actually be on 5G for a fraction of the time.

On short, don't dither and get the S20+ now, and save your money by getting the 4G version.

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I'm with Rhonny, I'm also in the UK and have the 5g but not many areas I can get it yet. Save the money, but I'd definitely get the S20 plus, just for the screen!!

Stay safe #Covid19

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Agree with post previous posts 4g version will give you everything you need and if your not yet in a 5g area - you won't see the benefits of the 5g element. 


May be worth going 4g for now and then looking to upgrade to 5g when your area gets 5g?



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Another reason to buy the 4G is that if you buy the 5G now, you will be buying technology that you will start using in 3 years. In 3 years the technology can evolve considerably. 5G chips will probably consume less energy in 3 years and they will be faster, cheaper, smaller and optimized in all possible ways. It's like buying a laptop now that you will start using in 3 years. It would be pretty absurd. My advice would be that you should better save the money and get you a brand new cell phone with 5G (and a last generation camera, processor, OS...) when 5G is fully deployed in your area and your telephone provider offers you 5G for no additional cost 🙂 If you buy an S20 5G now, you might as well buy you a new cell phone in 3 years if it gets broken  or if you just want a last generation one or if you find a good black friday offer...and you might never use the 5G chip for which you paid 150€ more!